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Course Content

It stretches your mind, think better and create even better.

What is ERP?

Advantages of ERP system

ERP vs. Non ERP systems

SAP Modules (Technical & Functional)

Three tier architecture

System landscape

Difference between development, quality & production systems

Client over review

Client specific and cross line data

Packages and transport organization

GUI login & developer key

What are T CODES?


ABAP er role in project

Data base tables (creation / enhance)

Data element (create)

Domain (create)


T code for TMG

Check table & value table

Include structure

Append structure Views

Create views

Data types

Search helps
• Elementary search help
• Collective search help

Lock objects

Real time scenarios on DDIC objects

T Code to create custom program

Open SQL statements

Control statements

Arithmetic operations

Working with internet table and work areap

Global declarations

ABAP Keywords

Syntax for key wordsss

p class="d-flex"> Comment lines

Chained statements

Type concepts
Data types • Data elements
• Domains
• Data objects

Type of reports

Classical report (create classical report)

Interactive report

ALV report
Type of ALV
• ALV list
• ALV grid
• Custom buttons in ALV
• ALV interactive report

Real time scenarios for above reports

Events in reports

Selection screen events

List events, screen events


Functional modules


Inline declarations

Sample test scenarios

Introduction to MPP

Flow logic

Screen designing
Creation of normal screen
Creation of sub screen
Creation of table control creation of tabstrip

Dynamic screen
Call screen
• Set screen
• Leave to screen
• Leave screen

What is data transfer?

What is legacy system?

Introduction to BDC
• Call transactions
• Session methods


File handling

Error handling in call transaction method

Table control in BDC

Mass upload data

• Steps to create LSMW project
• Uploading data using LSMW
• ALE IDocs

• Introduction
• Design form layout
• SAP script elements
• Handling logos
• Processing form with function modules

Smart forms
• Introduction
• Interface
• Design layout
• SAP smart form elements
• Handling logos
• Driver programming

• Introduction
• Form interface
• Design layout
• ADS server
• Driver programming
• Upload logos

Enhancement overview

User exists

Customer exists
• Functional module exists
• Screen exit
• Menu exit

Business Add-Ins

Enhancement points
• Explicit enhancement
• Implicit enhancement

Introduction to OOABAP

Object oriented programming

Importing and exporting parameters

Key concepts to OOPS
• Delegation
• Encapsulation
• Inheritance
• Polymorphism
• Event controlling

Inline declarations

New syntax for read

If condition

Dynamic ABAP programming


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